Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Critter Cam 2012 No. 10 - Spider-Hunting Bug...

Here's a potential twist. I watched this bug for about ten minutes. He/she kept wandering into areas where there were spider web tripwires. But he/she didn't appear to be at all concerned. As I watched, the bug appeared to be "testing" the web. Maybe spiders are on its menu!

You can see in the second (front left leg) and third photo (front right leg) where the bug is "testing" the web, maybe trying to tempt the web owner out of hiding. The third photo is a different web too.

All supposition of course, as I didn't see any spiders appear. Or maybe they are too smart!

Note: It appears that this is indeed an Assasin Bug. I hadn't seen them go after spiders but apparently they do.

[Oh, and I love the shadow in photo two]

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