Monday, January 2, 2012

Critter Cam 2012 No. 1 - Had a Devil of a Time!

Bit weary this morning. 1.30am last night and our chickens were making one hell of a racket. Grabbed torch. Went down the back to the chicken coop. All three chooks very agitated. The reason? A Tasmanian Devil had broken through the wire and got inside.

Now this was good news and bad news. Good news that the chooks didn't get eaten! Good news that we have devils here. Good news that this one didn't appear to be suffering from the facial tumour disease that has decimated the population. Bad news of course for our chooks, although they appear to be none the worse this morning after a night on the loose, apart from having lost a few feathers.

Tasmanian Devil inside our chook house...