Sunday, December 25, 2011

Critter Cam No. 12 - Christmas Day Crabs!

My wife Di and I, along with our dog Capper, decided to have a picnic Christmas Day lunch this year as we were spending the day by ourselves. The weather was nice, sunny and about 23 degrees C, so we headed down to Cygnet in southern Tasmania.

We had our lunch by the side of a creek that leads into Port Cygnet. This spot is very close to where we had Christmas Day lunch the first year we were in Tasmania. Mind you, the kids were 10 and 7 then. Now they are 29 and 26!

One thing that we thought unusual, practically no seabirds around. But we were well entertained by the locals that were there!

Port Cygnet

Waving not drowning!

Shhh. Be vewy vewy qwiet. I'm hunting wabbits.

I can nearly reach it. I can. I can.

Don't you just hate these bush toilets. Just a hole in the ground!

I've just had a cut and polish at the Shell servo.

Reach for the sky, ya filthy varmint!

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